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Calque 1

Calque 1

26 Jun 21

The excursion you're looking for !

Would you like to bask in the sun while tasting some delicious local food and drinks? Then our tours are made for you! 
Choose one of our tours and enjoy Martinique! Please mail us at karamboletours@gmail.com if you have questions! Christelle
Injecteur extracteur

Injecteur extracteur

29 May 20

Disinfection process

In order to offer the best experience during our tours, we are now equipped with this device. It's a vacuum cleaner that sprays a liquid killing all kinds of bacteria and viruses, then aspires all the humidity created.

The vehicle is disinfected after each excursion.
Klean K

Klean K

11 May 20

Klean K, our updated health protocol

Dear gourmets, since 2015, Karambole Tours invites you to explore Martinique by discovering the heritage, while your taste buds, they discover the local flavors prepared by me or by local producers.
Even before the creation of the structure, the choice was made to place food safety at the heart of our procedures. This is why we have a Health Control Plan which is made available to the authorities in the event of an inspection.

The health situation resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic requires professionals to be fully transparent. This is why we want to give you the possibility to consult our PMS on request. Among the measures it contains, there are many upstream (such as temperature control during the transport of raw materials and the conservation of delivery notes for traceability), in production (hand washing, regulatory dress ...) and downstream (waste management, soil removal and disinfection).

However, faced with the challenges posed by the virus, it appears essential to significantly strengthen the measures to guarantee health security during our gourmet tours. This Klean K protocol, largely inspired by the SG Clean label developed by the National Environment Agency of Singapore, aims to inform you about the commitments we are making in this regard.

It will be regularly updated according to the evolution of government recommendations.

It is this increased level of health security that guarantees us that we can enjoy culinary excursions on our beautiful island with complete peace of mind. I hope, like me, that you can't wait for us to meet again with family and friends for delicious tours!

Warm regards,

Safety protocol applied to the KARAMBOLE TOURS vehicle

Before the excursion

  • Disinfection of contact points: front door handles (interior and exterior), armrests, windows, seats, seat handle allowing access to the rear seats

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the payment terminal by credit card

  • Up-to-date information on the health reception conditions of the highlights (if applicable)

  • Carrying masks obligation specified on the confirmation.

During the excursion

  • Disinfection station comprising disinfectant wipes and / or hydroalcoholic gel. The use of hydroalcoholic gel by children will be under the supervision of the parent.

  • Limitation of reception capacity in order to implement social distancing: 1 meter or more between each passenger seated in each row, if they are not part of the same household. Groups will therefore be made up of a maximum of 5 to 6 people.

  • Sliding door opening / closing button operated exclusively by the driver only (passenger button deactivated).

  • Quiz cards replaced by a PDF transmitted by Bluetooth / Whatsapp (after agreement).

At the end of the excursion

  • Payment by credit card

  • Cash payment in a dedicated plastic envelope

  • Digital flyer instead of paper flyer

After the excursion

  • Use of dedicated colored cloths for cleaning, then disinfection using certified products. Injection / extraction of particles from the carpet, seat belts and roof.

  • Ventilation of the vehicle during cleaning (30 minutes minimum)

  • Principle of "fallow" of 24 hours minimum between each excursion

covid 19

covid 19

06 May 20


Since the decree of March 15, 2020 implementing the decree of March 14, 2020 carrying various measures related to the fight against the spread of the covid-19 virus, our excursions on the island have been suspended.

However, this time is used to build skills and prepare you for experiences even richer in history and flavors.

Don't hesitate to take a look at our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) to find our latest updated information.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones and see you soon safely!